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 Midi Pipe Organ for Hauptwerk



Welcome to this website.

It is dedicated to all lovers of the virtual pipe organ who use Hauptwerk software.

Here you find a  Midi keyboard Encoder  tab to build your console for Hauptwerk. With this Midi Keyboard Encoder it is possible to build a console with up to 5 manuals, 128 stops, over 80 pistons, general, divisional, or reversible pistons and 6 pedals for control of the swell and crescendo.

Our website  also offers the high quality  virtual pipe organ sample set for Hauptwerk recorded by using a technique developed specifically for organs by the audio engineers of MidiPipeOrgan, with over twenty years experience in audio recording.

For the moment there are only two sets of samples of organs:

The organ in the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Atri (Te) Italy, built in 1750 with about 13 stops and swell .

The organ in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Bisenti (Te) Italy,  built in 1985 with 21 stops and swell.

In this site you will also find a free software called TemperamentMaker specifically designed for Hauptwerk to generate XML files of Temperament.  If you know the original temperament of a virtual organ, this software allows you to generate a new temperament in three alternative ways:

by setting the window  cents per octave;

through the value of the intervals of the fifths;

through the value of the cycle of the fifths.

 You can experiment with personal temperaments or generate classical temperaments like  Vallotti, Tartini, regular and irregular mesotonic, Werkmeister, etc.



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